Linux is the powerful operating system that has been taking the world by storm over the last few years. It has enabled the internet to flourish, and provided a cost effective platform for the servers, used to run mail servers, web servers, databases, and now is even challenging worldwide for the desktop operating system of choice.Govanin India Private Limited offers a range of professional services based around Linux and Unix OS. Services offered include system administration and maintenance, systems planning, and Linux consulting services. Govanin IPL expertise encompasses all major Linux distributions including: CentOS, Debian, Red Hat, Ubuntu, SuSE and Fedora.Linux Administrating Services:

  • Linux Multi-Purpose business solution servers
  • Onsite or remote Linux system monitoring and administration
  • Remote system / Server maintenance
  • Low and high speed Co-Location services for startups
  • Upgrading the servers as needed to current patch levels to minimize security risks
  • 24x7x365 system admin coverage – full-time, part-time, hourly basis
  • Automated server monitoring and notification/paging system
  • Administration of the base system Configuration and administration of network infrastructure.

Govanin IPL provides enterprise quality support for Linux by acting as a resource to match companies seeking Linux support including everything from system administration to software development to integration with other operating systems with qualified technicians who can help them, and all with a simple interface.

We will be expanding our support capabilities, and provide more services to our existing Linux customers. As usual, we will continue our reputation as Linux Specialists, for support, security, networks, and servers, as well as creating new channels to help all Linux users and companies.

If you, or your company is interested in having our team setup your Linux, or maintaining existing installations, or you need us to provide support agreements, for all versions of Linux, please feel free to contact our sales department or mail at